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Globalization has encouraged flourishing businesses by curtailing the national boundaries in this world of an open economy. Our Website Localization Services are a one-hand solution for all your technological needs. We encourage local customer engagement by professionally translating and localizing your website in over 50+ languages. We have been trusted by industrial leaders for our culturally relevant translations in the native dialect. At Linguidoor, we execute our services in powerful, effective, and authentic ways incorporating relatable elements for users to make them feel homely while browsing your website.

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rigorous quality checks.


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Trusted by industry leaders

Linguidoor not only offered to translate my website text for a competitive rate, but also followed through in lightening speed and with great precision.

Zackes Brustik

"I really liked how they have supported and fulfilled my request. Whenever I had questions, Rishi was replying to each of my query within 2 hours. Once I verified that the documents translated are fine, they got delivered next day via post.
If I need to translate my documents again I will drop a mail to you for sure.
Thanks again."

Naresh Kumar

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happy partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services provided under your Website Localization Services?

We serve you with world-class services covering all the areas related to Website Localization. We never fail to notice every minute detail to optimize your website. We make sure to translate your omnichannel content along with localizing the multimedia content to enhance brand credibility. Some of our best-selling services are – e-commerce website translation, Wix Website Translation, E-learning Website, Global SEO translation, Multilingual Social Media, legal and blog translation. We do all the translations aligned to your brand.

How much does your Website Localization cost?

The localization and translation cost for different kinds of websites varies. Mainly, the factors influencing the price depend on the number of words used to design the website. And the cost-cutting is only possible by lowering the word count. Our 24×7 customer support helps our customers to solve any doubts and keeps them updated periodically while designing their website making it convenient for the clients to customize it the way they want respecting their budget.

How will you source experienced translators and reviewers?

We work with the best network of native translators who does extensive research to understand the targeted market for localization. We understand the brand seeking localization and then make a team of native translators fit for a perfect branding website providing it with the necessary support. Our research and experience in a wide range of website localization projects have made us incomparable.

What kinds of clients do you mainly work with?

When it comes to clients, we happily welcome both small and large ones and serve them according to their requirements. All the clients are equally important to us and providing them with seamless service is our commitment. We fulfill their necessity with all our ability and potential.

How do you provide the service effectively to maintain the standard?

We work with world-class translators and powerful technology that can serve the right localized content to the right audience. Our powerful workflows and translation management capabilities to easily publish, track and update the customized content serves you with the best possible service you can ask for leaving no room for error
Website Localization

Why Do You Need Website Localization Services in Basel?

Between the dream to expand your business to the global market and turning it into a successful reality, the major barrier that you need to overcome is localization. We ease your way of fulfilling the dream to venture into the global market with our Website Localization Services. With the gradually increasing demand for expanding businesses in international markets, the importance of Website Localization Services is also increasing. Website Localization is the process to ameliorate the content of your website through culture, language, and flow to provide the most useful and relevant experience for users.

The users find a website more trustworthy when they get services in their native dialect reducing misunderstanding and enhancing trust in the brand. Linguidoor provides you with all the necessary elements required to localize your website which includes language, regionalism, cultural elements, transactional elements, local communication and trusted elements, easy navigation, and discovery which helps to extend your global reach into new markets.

Website Localization

Affordable Website Localization Services in Basel for Your Business

Linguidoor is one of the most trusted companies among its peers when it comes to affordability. We respect the value of money and consider your budget when it comes to our affordable website localization services. We have successfully dealt with many big and small satisfied clients serving according to their demand. The pricing basically depends on few factors like – number of words, website subject matter, languages involved, and additional services.

So, you will have to pay according to the service you seek not worrying about extra hidden charges. We generally use website localization tools to make it cost-effective for our clients. We design your document properly by placing the correct things in the correct places leaving no room for misunderstanding and misinterpretation for your users.

Website Localization

Professional Website Localization Services in Basel to Boost Your International Sales

We believe in providing extraordinary, cognizant and professional website localization services so that you cherish the experience you have with us. We are identified differently for providing consistent language experiences without any compromise. Amazing website team to support your international digital presence works under us to provide a complete robust online experience for customers. Linguidoor provides you with valuable and compelling content for local audiences.

We are that partner you are looking for as we can elegantly employ both website translation and localization to ensure effective, clear and relatable content for every market where you wish to do business. We think beyond localized keywords and know SEO to ensure your presence in your customers’ local search engine results. We also provide powerful user preference detection technology for your website. So, it is our determination to serve with the best and allegiance to our customers that has made global brands trust us and invest in us.

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