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If you want to expand your e-commerce business globally, then you must see ‘language’ as an ‘opportunity, not as a ‘barrier’. Do you know that more than 75% of global consumers tend to purchase a product if it’s in their language? It’s true! Product descriptions are the lifeblood of any e-commerce business! At Linguidoor, we know the importance of product descriptions in rapidly scaling your business overseas and avoiding misrepresentation. Our top-notch product description translation services let you choose your target countries to persuade potential customers to buy the specific product, resulting in huge overseas business opportunities.

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Trusted by industry leaders

I asked to have a complex text translated on short notice for submitting as part of a German university application process. I was expecting a decline or an outrageous price, but to my surprise they agreed to help me out on my schedule. The certified translation that came back was accurate and comprehensive, the price competitive, and the service from Linguidoor was kind and helpful. I'll be using this service anytime I need a certified translation in German in the future.

Papa Ham

As a regular customer, i have been always satisfied with the services Linguidoor provides. They assure your needs are properly met and provide professional quality translation on the agreed time line. You can completely rely on them for your business needs.

Sumithraj Appari

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happy partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

In how many languages do you offer product description translation services?

Linguidoor offers product description translation services in more than 50+ language pairs. No matter whatever your target country is, our experts are proficient enough to provide you a 100% accurate and professional product description translation service in your required language pairs. We not only translate but also localize your product descriptions to ensure that your e-commerce business doesn’t misrepresent anything to your international prospects.

Will the product description translation service help my e-commerce business grow abroad?

Yes, no doubt, the product description translation service by Linguidoor will help you in growing your business internationally. With this service, you can let your international or non-English speaking consumers know about your product better in their language. Most often, it has been seen that when a customer finds a product in his own language, he most probably buys it. Therefore, the chances of selling your products in foreign countries will increase, if you take product description translation service for your products.

Do you have qualified translators to provide product description translation services?

At Linguidoor, all our translators have significant experience in translating product catalog of various types of products, conveying the true meaning and impression of the product in international markets. Our experts are rigorously trained and certified to carry on with professional product description translation services for a wide range of languages and across various industries. Till now, the Linguidoor experts have consistently delighted global clients with a high-quality translation service.

What is your accuracy guarantee for your product description translation services?

Linguidoor provides a guarantee of 100% accuracy on its product description translation services. We follow the policy of 100% human translation, and therefore, there is always very little or no room for errors to occur. We also follow a very streamlined process and prepare ergonomics to improve our speed and accuracy. We know that a single error can negatively impact your product sales, and shrink your e-commerce business abroad. Therefore, our tasks go through a rigorous quality check to ensure that you get a 100% accurate and high-quality product description translation service.

What kind of product categories do you serve?

At Linguidoor, we serve a wide range of product categories from different types of industries. With our proven industry knowledge, we have not only served the retail space but in every type of niche. Our product description translation services include categories such as cosmetics and skincare brands, furniture/home goods, haute couture, apparel retail, departmental stores, consumer packaged goods, brick and mortar, grocery stores, food service, complete e-commerce, etc. We can help your business grow internationally, no matter, what which industry you belong to.
Product Description Translation

Why Do You Need Product Description Translation Services?

The best product descriptions are just like the key to the success of your e-commerce business because they address your ideal customers directly. But, this path of success gets a little elevated, when your customers are based in different locations. International customers have different behaviours, and if product descriptions don’t match their interests, then it will fail to entice them to buy.

This is where an e-commerce business needs a high-quality product description translation service, which can develop personalized buyer personas for each of your target locations. At Linguidoor, we have the most appropriate linguists on board, for your translation tasks, to develop an in-depth translation and localization of our brand and its products, for the comfort of your target audience.

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Affordable Product Description Translation Services for Your Business

A perfect service doesn’t only mean high quality, but proffering high quality within your budget is a perfect service. At Linguidoor, we always aim for delivering the most cost-effective and efficient solutions possible to make your international business expansion journey easy, without any hassle. Our affordable product description translation services fulfill your needs within your budget.

At Linguidoor, we believe in making top-notch product description translation services affordable to everyone who requires them. Therefore, we have professionals from all over the world within a closed system, which awards your translation tasks to the most proficient and suitable translators working for minimum low and reasonable rates. With Linguidoor, you get the highest quality, with the lowest charges, and with high speed and great accuracy.

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Professional Product Description Translation Services to Ease Your Tasks

Partnering with Linguidoor ensures your product descriptions are localized and translated with a high rate of accuracy to avoid any kind of misrepresentation of what your international buyers are buying. With our professional product description translation services, we make your international selling effort compelling for the buyers out there, and turn their buying decision into a ‘Yes’. Our services ensure that you get the most out of your global expansion and presence without feeling overwhelmed.

Our mission at Linguidoor is to help your e-commerce business increases sales on a global scale. Our custom-made human solution allows your brand makes its products and its essential info adapted accurately in your intended market. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our high-quality human touch, impeccable accuracy, and all-time customer service. At Linguidoor, we can help you scale globally, with ease!

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