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To make ‘language’ an opportunity for everyone, not a barrier, we empower businesses around the globe creating a scope for candid communication. Displaying your software globally is synonymous with investing in localization. We make your brand speak the language of the natives of the target market through our Software Localization Services. We work on the grounds of empathy and try our best to understand our clients’ needs and act accordingly. We internalize your software by producing locale-specific versions to make it accessed, assiduous, and accelerated by global users.

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Target multilingual customers for your business within your pre-defined budget!

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We employ our proficiency
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We enact our efficacy in localizing
your brand image and conduct
rigorous quality checks.


We deliver not only solutions to
your needs but also a path
towards brand success.

Trusted by industry leaders

It was a pleasure to work with linguidoor. The team was great, they understood our requirement.

Balaji Ayappan

I am pleased overall with the speed that our documents were translated from German into Spanish as we requested. The attention was constant and also the little mistakes that we found in one part of the document were corrected immediately. Thank you Linguidoor, we will continue with their services in short future.

Katrina Y. Barrios

Some of our
happy partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps that you follow to provide the service of software localization?

There are six key steps to software localization at Linguidoor. These are identifying resource files to translate, translating content, review translations for errors, placing translated files into your code structure, resizing dialog boxes as needed, building, compiling, and testing resulting software for all target markets. And we successfully do this with our worldwide native professional translators and experienced software experts to deliver the best quality localized version of your software.

What are the services that you provide under Software Localization?

We provide every necessary support that is required from getting the source text to displaying its localized version to our clients. And localize varied kinds of software versions that exist. Our best-selling services under Software Localization are – Mobile App, Localization, CRM Localization, Payroll & Billing Software, HR Management Localization, Hiring Software Localization, Business Management Software, Supply Chain Management Software, and Medical Software Localization.

How do you ensure copyright and data security procedures?

The process of localization requires adjusting code, error strings and messages, online help, end-user license agreements, legal requirements, technical specifications, and other details. Along with it, tailoring units of measurement and the formatting of numbers, time, and dates are also included. Payment methods and currencies also require localization. We also ensure the compatibility of fonts to make sure that we meet the requirements relating to copyright or data security procedures applicable in each region.

How do you justify the accuracy of your services?

Having almost 10+ years of experience in this field we had been blessed enough to work with leading companies around the globe. Being noted for our accuracy and full-time support, we have achieved an elevated raise with our clients serving them with the best professional business experience. We refine your business from top to bottom to conciliate it as per the international market needs. Our services are noted for their superior quality and turnaround time along with the cultural adoption of provided document for which you invest.

How do you test localized software?

When it comes to testing our output software we generally execute it in two different levels. The first level being linguistic testing where we approach our linguistic experts to scrutinize the expressions, phrases and terminologies used and check the balance between the original software and the localized software. And the second level is functional testing where we check the compatibility of the software’s proper functioning which will reach the end-user. To ensure seamless functioning of the software we critically navigate through the entire software to avoid any user dissatisfaction.
Software Localization

Why Do You Need Software Localization Services in Bern?

Software localization is making your software completely adapted to meet the requirements of a specific target language as well as culture. At Linguidoor, we ensure an efficient as well as cost-effective expansion of your product and services around the world. Localization of software ensures that the feel of a product looks and runs like it was developed for the user in any given region around the world increasing credibility and acceptability. Linguidoor is here to serve you with every particular sector related to your software localization by adjusting code, error strings and messages, online help, end-user license agreements, legal requirements, technical specifications, and other assets – keeping everything in mind that aligns to the demand of the global markets.

The increasing demand to reach a variety of global markets is satisfied by software localization services. It serves as an important service for all different kinds of businesses that seek international exposure. Software Localization Services helps businesses in increasing the opportunity to reach beyond the 20% English-speaking customers in the world.

Software Localization

Affordable Software Localization Services in Bern for Your Business

Linguidoor constantly strives for maintaining the best quality service above pricing and costing. The price for software localization depends on a multitude of parameters like the number of words, volume, file format, domain, and targeted language, the complexity of the text, design, deadline, and others.

But our price does not include value-added tax (VAT). VAT shall apply to private customers residing in the European Union and to EU-based companies which do not have a VAT number. So hurry! Target multilingual customers for your business within your pre-defined budget with Linguidoor!

Software Localization

Software Localization Services in Bern to Ease Your Tasks

Linguidoor has served major clients worldwide by mightily combining the accuracy of expert native Translators with cutting-edge Linguidoor Technology to craft consistent quality translations. We think and act with complete trust, transparency, and honesty, embodying our integrity principles professionally. We address all types of international branding issues by looking beyond the obvious and focusing on experimenting and revitalizing creativity.

We firmly believe in providing a professional solution to our partners to facilitate business expansion worldwide. Our round-the-clock service support has made us professionally competent and dynamic towards achieving the best results for our clients. The entanglement of your preference and our proficiency promises you a wonderful partnership experience that will strengthen your business.

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