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“There are plethora of blogs on this topic posted on Internet. I can copy the content and post them as mine.”

Copying the content of another author and misrepresenting them as one’s own is termed as ‘plagiarism’. This concept is similar to stealing goods from another person and selling them as yours. Please note that plagiarism may even amount to copyright infringement and fraud, which are treated as offences and adjudicated by the Courts.
It is imperative to ensure that the content posted on any topic on one’s blog, website, social media or any other online platform is not only accurate, but more importantly plagiarism free.

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Creative Content Writing Services

Creative Content includes content for blogs, websites, articles, press releases, etc. which encompasses good quality SEO content. Our expert content writers have experience in providing non-plagiarised for an array of niches including lifestyle, travel, food, health and entertainment. We guarantee that keywords will be included in content as per your requirement.

Sample of such Content: Social media updates, Blogs, Articles and Newsletters.

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Business Content Writing

If you have a diverse range of products or your business is growing in different countries, we will help you grow faster by providing excellent professional communication for internal as well as external stakeholders. Our experienced writers will also ensure that the communication respects the culture of each jurisdiction.

Sample of such Content: Memorandums, Proposals, Business plans, Reports, White papers and Research writing.

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Academic Content Writing

With the growth on your product portfolio, you may need experts to write description of your products or reviews or even provide technical expertise for products. Our team of best content writers can provide the required content as per the specifications.

Sample of such Content: Product description, Product or Technology reviews, Technology papers and White papers.

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Publication Content Writing

You may need to provide articles for magazines, Journals or Editorials where loads of research is required, but you are running out of time. This is where our team of professional writers can help you by providing 100% original content, which will be well-researched and perfect for the medium to be printed.

Sample of such Content : Articles for Scientific publications, journals and magazines.

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Ghost Writing Services

We, at Linguidoor, can help you fulfil your wish to become a published author, even if you do not have the time to complete that long pending work of fiction or book of short stories or poetry or research work on any topic. We will understand your point of view, writing style and expectations of outcome to create the work for you.

Sample of such Content: Books and e-books.

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