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With the gradually increasing demand for playing captivating games, the need for their localization is gaining prominence. With Linguidoor’s Video Game Translation and Localization Services, you can upgrade in rendering your gamers an uncompromised gaming experience. We localize games understanding the diverse cultural sensitivities and fulfill the local legal requirements. Your global reach to your targeted audience is now just a matter of few clicks. So, flaunt your game in front of the world, with Linguidoor’s professional game localization services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to localize a game?

The time required to localize a game depends primarily on the size of the game and the quality of the localization you’re looking for. Many other supporting aspects that influence the time are the number of languages you want to transform your game into, along with the number of changes you are making on the final document. Any change after the design is done, contributes to the process of delay.

What are the services you provide under Gaming Localization Services?

Our services are an embodiment of a complete gaming package for your end-user so that they can cherish every moment of their gaming experience. We localize all different kinds of games that are under the attention of global gamers of different ages. Our best-selling services under this genre include- Computer Game Localization, Mobile Game Localization, Sports Game Localization, and Educational Game Localization.

How do you ensure accuracy while localization?

With localization, we build an enjoyable as well as non-confusing play experience for global players. We let the end-user get valuable content by paying attention to their specific cultural context while being faithful to the source material. And to fulfill your objectives, we successfully work with an excellent team of experts who research, plan and execute following up with the probable expectations of the end-user of the particular game. We believe in maintaining a 100% accuracy rate to value your trust in us.

How is Game Translation different from Game localization?

Game Translation is all about changing the language of the entire game from the language of origin to the language of the targeted audience. With the help of Game localization, your video game will be translated and localized for a foreign market. The localization method includes the complete processes of globalization, familiarization, and linguistic quality assurance. The process of localization comprehends much more than simply translating a game’s text.

How expensive is Game Localization Services?

The expenses depend on the volume of the source text, its complexity level, and the frequency of changes done to serve the desire of the customers. But avoiding hidden charges and extra taxes attached reduces the cost to certain a level. We try to serve you seamlessly without affordability being a barrier. We also have a 100% cashback policy for redressing any grievances regarding the quality of our services.
Game Localization

Why Do You Need Game Localization Services?

Game Localization services provide you with an umbrella solution for all your localization concerns. Globalization luring the companies to seek global markets has made localization an inseparable aspect to support the growth in a positive direction. The increasing demand for competent games all around the world has raised the competition for games-producing industries to create games that will be interesting, approachable, engrossing, and understandable.

Linguidoor helps you to increase the profit by making the game user-friendly and popularize it by promoting game engagement for your users. Providing a game to your customers in their native language also increased their trust and helps them to understand the game better. We love games and understand the role language plays in them. So, Linguidoor is here to cater to all your needs when it comes to Game Localization Services.

Game Localization

Affordable Game Localization Services for Your Gaming Prospects

Our policies are clear when it comes to your interest. We provide round-the-clock support and uncompromised quality. Our native translators and localization experts leave no stones unturned to fulfill your desire. Though the costing depends on various aspects and varies accordingly, we try to keep fixed rate charts to avoid complexity. Our cost of game localization services is based on several factors such as speed, volume and quality. But in general, the more complex your translation, the more expensive it becomes.

The main expenses are divided into the following parts – Familiarization, Glossary creation, Translation, Revision, Test plan creation, Localization quality assurance, and Project management with no hidden charges and a 100% refund policy if we cannot live up to your expectations. We consider your trust most desirable and are determined to satisfy your needs with our guaranteed proficiency.

Game Localization

Professional Game Localization Services

The localization process is a lot more than just translating a game’s text. Our service involves various aspects including quality assurance, testing the integration of the translated text into the game, and adapting the text to the requirements of your target regions. We learn everything about a game – like its style, tone, and cultural elements – and record it in a glossary and style guide. At Linguidoor, having this information readily available ensures consistency throughout the rest of the localization process. Thus, Localization turns a game’s assets from one language and culture into another.

Revision corrects stylistic errors, checks translation consistency, spelling errors, and other typos, and ensures consistency in terminology. Linguidoor confirms regional adaptation and makes sure that the content passes regulations and standards. We encompass Linguistic quality assurance (LQA) tests which check and assure the quality of a translation and how new elements integrate into a game.

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