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A translator is not synonymous to an interpreter. Both these activities require different skill set, proficiency and experience of the professional. A translator may need to work only with the written words, whereas an interpreter acts as an intermediary or communicator between two or more parties, in real-time, who are communicating with each other in different set of languages. Thus, accuracy, speed and promptness of an interpreter are pertinent to ensure that there is no blunder caused owing to wrong interpretation of communication or discourse given by the speaker.

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Consecutive interpretation

It refers to the interpretation of source language in the target language by the interpreter either after the speaker has completed his speech or wherein the speaker breaks in between for the translation. In this kind of interpretation, the interpreter takes notes of the speech and then, interprets it to the audience in their language. It is effective in meetings with lesser audience or interactive meetings or even for conferences.

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Escort or travel interpretation

It refers to the presence of an interpreter, who also acts as an assistant or a liasoning person in case of formal or informal meetings, cultural tours, visits, business travels, international fairs, etc. It is generally used to overcome language and cultural barriers during visits of nationals from foreign countries. It is good for visits to new countries where language hindrance can affect the stay.

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Phone interpretation

It is similar to consecutive interpretation, but here the interpretation is done using a telephone. Both the speaker and listener connect with the interpreter through phone or voice over Internet. It is generally used in the cases of emergencies or non-availability of interpreters. It is beneficial to communicate in a different language in no time and is quite cost-effective.

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Relay interpretation

It is a mix of simultaneous and consecutive interpretations. In this kind of interpretation, more than 2 languages may be interpreted, wherein the speech is simultaneously interpreted from source language to target language, which is used as the source for next round of interpretation. e.g. a speech is simultaneously interpreted from German to English, which is consecutively interpreted to Spanish. It is ideal for situations where multi-lingual audience is present.

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Simultaneous interpretation

It refers to the real-time interpretation, wherein the interpreter must translate the content into the target language while simultaneously listening to the speaker. The speech of speaker is relayed to audience as well as to the interpreter(s), who sit in a separate sound-proof booth to work and interpret the speech at the same moment and relay it back to the audience in the translated language. The purpose of this interpretation is to convey exact language of original speaker to the target audience in their language. It is very effective generally in meetings or conferences with large number of speakers and audience where different languages are involved.

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Whispered interpretation

It is similar to simultaneous interpretation, but does not involve a separate booth for the interpreter. In this case, the interpreted speech is whispered in the ears of audience (normally 1 or 2 people). It is generally used in the meetings involving negotiations where both the parties use different languages to communicate. It is good for business meeting interpretations and even in medical interpretations.

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