How to Register Your Marriage in Germany?

Are you planning to get married or register your marriage in Germany? Is it you or your partner, who is an expat but wish to get married to each other? Actually, that doesn’t matter! Wedding in Germany can be more romantic and excited as you have might have ever wished or dreamt. But before getting married or register your marriage in Germany, you have to get started with the legal formalities as soon as possible.

Because these legal procedures can take several months or even less than that, but it is decided on number of pending legal issues, previous marriage registrations or the condition, if you are an expat. The top most priority is to check with the local magistrate’s office, ‘Standesamt’, if you have decided to get married in Germany. At ‘Standesamt’, you will come to know that what documents are needed to register your marriage in Germany. Requirements may depend on the applicant’s nationality, previous marital status, and many other factors.

Simple Procedure for Getting Married in Germany

Getting married in Germany is typically a quite undemanding process of submitting the required formalities to your local registry office. This procedure can become more complicated in case, if you or your partner is not a resident of EU. In Germany, only the registry office can perform legal binding of marriages. The first step to register your marriage in Germany is to propose an application at the registrar’s office. You have to start this process at least several months before you going to marry. Once you have submitted the application, you need to go through documentation procedure. The total cost of this procedure varies according to the intricacy of the case and normally the cost occurs between 60 to 600 Euros. In this blog, you will get full details on the legal framework for a marriage in Germany.

Mandatory Standard Documents to Register Your Marriage in Germany

If you intend to have a wedding at a church or a synagogue, you must need to visit the ‘Standesamt’ first, with the following basic requirements.

  • Both of you, you and your partner must be present at the ‘Standesamt’.
  • Each partner has to provide their birth certificate.
  • A valid passport and residence permit of both of you.
  • A comprehensive registration certificate which must have been issued less than 14 days before the compliance.
  • In case you have been married before, you must provide the certificate copy of the preceding marriage certification, divorce verdict or death certification of your partner.
  • Completely filled marriage application form.
  • Proof of nationality of partner or German identity card, if your partner is a German resident.
  • A declaration form stating that both of you are single.
  • Financial statements from both the parties.
  • A certificate of no hurdle.

If you or Your Partner is a Foreigner

In case, either you or your selected partner is a foreigner, and then you may face some critical procedures to register your marriage in Germany. Firstly, you must send the documents to a higher regional court in order to verify the legal status of your partner. If you have planned to return to your homeland one day, you may wish to consider the legal status of your partner. Through this, your partner would be checked on some taverns such as any criminal records, nationality or any medical conditions as well.  Thereafter, you will need to go through the documentation steps as per your consultant’s advice.

Case of Same Gender Marriage

Germany has become the 14th European country to legalize gay marriages, which has been recognized since 1 October 2017.  On 30 June 2017, a bill for legislation was passed at the ‘Bundestag’, the federal parliament of Germany, while the parliament avoided the word “marriage” in the respective law that was passed in 2001. But yes, same-sex partners have to meet the same requirements as other couples. They are also allowed to get the benefits and obligations as a heterosexual marriage.


Marriages are considered to be a legal union or a format to legally bind with the one, with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life. You must have got a great help after reading this informative piece on the requirements to register your marriage in Germany. Just follow and imply it well for a beautiful and successful marriage with your partner in Germany. We hope that your marriage is leads to an amazing beginning in Germany.

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