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Amazon Case Study

Case Study


Client:                          Amazon (Indirect Client)
Task:                            Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) & Revision
Language Pair:           Chinese to Korean
Domain:                      Business 
Total Volume:            50K words, 34.5K words for MTPE, and 15.5K words for Revision
Deadline:                    7 days


  1. Business translation requires specialized knowledge and proficiency in the language pair to be translated. Therefore, finding domain-specific linguists who can meet the client’s expectations was a bit of a challenge.
  2. There are so many issues including the style of writing, grammar, words, inconsistency.
  3. To meet the client’s clearly defined requirements, we had to ensure that we had the right team in place, especially for the content.


  1. We assigned the task with two different domain specific translators who is well versed with the content. And then use one translator to review the content thoroughly as per the client’s need.
  2. Before sharing the final files, we run a QA tool (X-Bench) and filter the files by removing all the errors.


We completed and successfully delivered the task before the deadline. Satisfied and impressed with our work, the client has chosen us as their ‘trustworthy translation partner’. We are receiving the task on regular basis.