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Microsoft – Case Study

Case Study


We have received a voluminous project from one of our trusted clients which we need to translate using SDL Trados studio.

Client:                          Microsoft (Indirect Client)
Task:                            Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) & Revision of MTPE
Language Pair:           English to Korean
Domain:                      IT & Software
Total Volume:            800K words, 400K words for MTPE and 400K words for Revision
Deadline:                    21 days


  1. We need to delivered the file on staggered basis or in batches i.e. we need to deliver the portion of this project within a stimulated time.
  2. Folder structure is very complex as it consists of multiple folders with sub folders and sub-sub folders. Total no of working sdlxliff files are 149.
  3. There are multiple instructions, glossaries, Styleguide and translation memories as well which we need to follow while working on this task.


  1. Firstly, we shared only the instructions, glossaries and the client’s requirement to our linguists so that they can just go through all the materials before starting with the task.
  2. Shared the files folder wise, prepare a proper google sheet with all the information’s so that we can track accordingly.
  3. As soon as we complete the MTPE part of a particular batch, we started our review process simultaneously.
  4. We use limited linguists for review part to maintain the overall quality.
  5. After both the process is done, a QA tool (X-Bench) was run and we found multiple errors which we shared with one of our linguists and then we fixed all the changes at our end before sharing the final files.


We do receive some feedback and then we reworked on them as per their requirements and successfully delivered the task followed by Language Signed off (LSO) procedure. Client’s due date was successfully met which also resulted in cost savings.