Order Translation

User Manual Translation English to German


Client:                          Cobot Lift (direct Client)
Task:                            Translation                                                                                            

Language Pair:           English to German
Domain:                      Mechanical
Total Volume:            6500 words
Deadline:                    18.03.21 (7 days)


  1. Professional translation requires specialized knowledge and proficiency in translating a language pair. Therefore, it was a challenge to find domain-specific linguists who met the client’s expectations.
  2. Technical mechanical terms are used in the file, so we used resources who are experts in this domain.
  3. We have received scanned PDF and the files contain a lot of images which increases our difficulty in terms of formatting.


  1. We have team of linguist for mechanical domain. After finalizing the suitable resource, we shared all the instructions and requirements with the resource..
  2. After the translation of user Manual is done, we assigned the file to other domain specific linguists who reviewed the completed work thoroughly as per the client’s requirement.
  3. After completing the task, our in house technical specialists worked on the formatting part which help us to generate the target file as per the client requirement.


We successfully completed and delivered the translation of user Manual from English into German within the time limit, does not elicit any negative feedback from the client resulting in positive and trustworthy collaboration.

Linguidoor has always been on its way to excel in offering reliable user Manual translation Services with high quality yet cost effective within the time limit.