3 Aspects of A Professional German CV Translation

If you are on the way to apply for internships or graduate jobs in Germany, your CV will be the only important document that can leave a top-notch first impression on potential employers. Therefore, it must be your priority to make a professional German CV fit the local German standards. Every nation has its preferences for CV designs. If you are applying to jobs in Germany, you will need to transform your original CV to the German standards and make the content eye-catching so that it can convince the recruiter. Of course, you will require professional German CV translation services from a certified translation agency to translate your CV into the regional German language, making it more optimized to get noticed and selected. But, that’s not enough!

Here, we are going to explore 3 aspects or checkpoints when you are about to build your professional German CV for job applications. Let’s begin!

1. The Design and Format

While you are creating your German CV, you will have to value its structure, so that it looks tempting to the recruiting team or HR. You should always adhere to the standard format and design of a German CV including important sections such as ‘work experience’ (“Berufserfahrung”), ‘education’ (“Ausbildung”), ‘skills’ (“Qualifikationen), and ‘extracurricular activities’ (“Kenntnisse”), ‘personal data’ (“Persönliche Angaben”) as well as ‘hobbies’ and ‘personal interests’ (“Private Interessen”).

Note – Keep your professional German CV within a maximum of 2 pages, even if you are applying for a Manager or a higher post. In regards to font, font size, and color, try to keep the CV as simple and well-structured as possible. Don’t forget to highlight the important sections of your professional German CV in bold fonts. Also, note that the content in the CV needs to be changed as per different posts.

2. Go for Professional German CV Translation Services

Today, companies know that real talents are not limited to their base countries, but can be found globally. However, the applicants who are applying to foreign countries should prove themselves a correct fit for an emerged creative position. Additionally, the first step to proceed is the requirement of  professional translation services for a quality CV translation in the native German language. Translations can be done by anyone, maybe your friend or family member, but why choose professional translation services?

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Translation Company: A major benefit is that translating a professional CV from English to German needs experienced linguists. Inexperienced linguists will never know the complete nuances of translating a CV perfectly, and this activity can lead to job rejection. Therefore, it is necessary that before applying to any German job, you should get your CV translated by a professional agency so that you can easily launch your career in Germany by dwindling your ‘getting hired’ chances positively.

3. Your Professional Photo

There are many countries, where CVs without photographs are considered for a job application and do not have any major impact on the recruiter’s behavior. But in Germany, a professional photo on your CV is a must. So, books are judged by their cover here! Some researches show that 72% of German CVs, which do not contain a professional photo of the applicant, are rejected by the recruiters. Make sure that a professional photo does not mean selfie pictures or party pictures. The photo quality is a prime concern for any professional German CV, which represents your true self and gives the hiring committee an idea of your appearance. Keep a professionally-clicked photograph attached to your German CV.

What Now?

Apart from the above-listed aspects, you should always be careful about some minor mistakes while submitting your professional German CV to any company. If you are new to applying for a job in Germany, it is always suggested that you get professional translation services to make your CV not only appear attractive and creative but also professional, that too in the native language of the nation.

So get your CV professionally translated today at Linguidoor! To know more about our certified translation services, you can fill this easy form.

Viel Erfolg!

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