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Do you know that each year mobile app downloads cross over 5 Billion globally? Yes, it is true! People love apps, no matter which country or region they are from! If an app is fulfilling their demand or is of their interest, it will boom! With Linguidoor’s app localization services, you can propel your mobile app swiftly to your international prospects and get 150% more downloads. We work on enhancing global customer engagement, accessing new consumers for your mobile app with high-value optimized App Localization Services. Our experts formulate the best possible end-user experience for your global app users.

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They were really very responsive when needed and I am very satisfied with their work. Highly recommended. thanks Rishi

Amlan Saha

Rishi Anand and his team at Linguidoor worked quickly and professionally to translate my marriage certificate. It was an urgent request and it was impeccable. TK insurance accepted the translation and I was added to my husband’s insurance swiftly. Will be submitting at the standesamt and ausland behörde soon as well. Do not doubt the quality of work at their amazing prices with swiftness. I also want to emphasize the courteous exchange of emails. It was just an absolute pleasure Rishi and the team at Linguidoor. Thank you!!

Mara Medina

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the app localization service boost my app revenue?

Yes, the app localization service will always help you in boosting your app revenue. Our app localization services will help you in augmenting your app download in other parts of the globe, which doesn’t keep your customer count limited to your country or nation. With an increase in reach to the potential customer breaking the linguistic barriers, you can easily experience a drastic gain in the revenue from each target country.

In which languages can you localize my app?

At Linguidoor, we handle app localization services in a wide range of languages. You tell us about your requirements, and our team provides you a top-notch app localization service as per your requirements. You can either choose only 1 or 2 languages or even add more languages to your app, once you see some success. Some of our popular languages served are Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, etc.

If I have any app updates in the future, will it be localized as well?

Of course, yes! Whenever you have any type of app update, which changes the display or sentences of your app, you can send it for an updated app localization service. You will just need to send us your latest and updated source language file, whether it is in English or any other language. Our team of experts will do your update with a high level of proficiency, consistency, and speed. The good news is that you will only be charged for your translating new stuff, not the old ones, as your old app has been localized through Linguidoor.

What file formats do you work in for app localization services?

Experts at Linguidoor are well skilled and proficient to work with any file type as well as customized integrations as per your requirements. Some of the most popular file formats for our past projects include Android.xml, iOS.strings, .stringsdict, .po, .pot, Windows.resx, .ts, .rc, .txt, .yml, .htm, .html, .haml, .stf, .ditamap, .gotext.json, .arb, .mif, .ppt, .wiki, .xlf, .plist, .resjson, .md, etc. You can simply send us your requirements and file formats, as we work with a wide range of file formats and proprietary systems.

How do you guarantee that my app will work perfectly in any locale after taking your app localization service?

At Linguidoor, we follow a strategic procedure in our app localization service. Once we are done with our app localization service to your app for a particular locale, we follow rigorous testing methods to check the effectiveness and responsiveness of your in that particular locale. We check whether the app is offering full functionality and usability just as its source language. We also do tests to verify the accuracy and suitability of the content. In case, if anything is found wrong, we work on fixing it, till we get 100% perfection in the localized app.
App Localization

Why Do You Need App Localization Services?

Don’t you want to gain new customers or an audience in the foreign market? Have you ever thought of expanding your customer base out of your national boundary, considering linguistic and cultural differences? If you own an app, and you want your brand to shine in the foreign markets in their local language, then app localization services are a perfect fit for you.

App localization services can proffer you with a lot of add-on benefits such as enhancing customer retention, boosting sales, increasing your income, improving international user experience, as well as improving brand score globally. When you work on making the content and the functionality of your app available to foreign language users, you go ‘global’ and this becomes the first step towards your brand’s ‘international success’

App Localization

Affordable App Localization Services

Most of the time people think twice before going for app localization services, because of the fear of high costs. But, at Linguidoor, we proffer an affordable app location services package to all types of businesses, because our main motto is to augment your app branding in the international regions within your pre-defined budget! We don’t let ‘budget’ become a hurdle in your expansion journey.

Professionals at Linguidoor are proficient enough to deliver first-rate output affordable app localization services for businesses based in various locales. Within a reasonable budget, you are entitled to get a bundle of success for your app, from extensive quality assurance to the best and fastest service, including all-time support and assistance.

App Localization

Professional App Translation Services to Expand Globally

For any app, which wishes to become a worldwide success, professional app translation services are a must. Established apps need to be able to communicate with the international markets in a variety of dialects for getting global success. If your app is not fit to any other location, in both lingual and cultural ways, it will be a ‘flop’. We, at Linguidoor, proffer professional app localization services to ensure that your app communication goes without a hitch.

With a network of thousand native linguistic professionals, Linguidoor works 24 x 7 around the globe to provide professional app localization services in more than 50+ languages and 100+ language pairs. At Linguidoor, we guarantee not only your satisfaction but also success beyond your national boundaries. Being trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Linguidoor can be your complete solution towards business expansion in foreign markets.

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