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Are you striving hard to improve access to your videos? Do you want to reach a wider audience, but international languages are barring you? No need to worry! We are here to make your tasks easier at Linguidoor! We provide perfectly translated subtitles for all kinds of content, including corporate or educational videos, business presentations, e-learning courses, promo or featured videos, and much more. This is the new era for the entertainment industry and we don’t let language restrict your content within the creed, caste, culture, or boundaries.

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I got in touch with Linguidoor to translate my driving license from English to German. I received the translated electronic copy (to check the correctness of name, etc.) of it the very same day. The next day I received the electronic certified copy, and the following day the original via post. I had few doubts regarding the translation which were immediately clarified. I thank the whole team of Linguidoor for their excellent service and dedication to help.

Devyani Bhatnagar

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are subtitles?

Subtitles are used in videos, where a foreign language timed text is displayed on the screen along with the video. This helps the viewer read along with the video so that they can understand the audio spoken in the video if it’s not in their native language. That’s why the subtitle language is kept in the native language so that the viewer understands. Subtitles are used largely by video producers, marketers, educators, corporations, etc, for expanding their potential audience.

What is the difference between subtitles and captions? Are they both the same?

No, subtitles and captions are different. They are not the same. Both are texts which are displayed on the video screen but are distinct and the usage has a difference. Captions are always present in the language of the medium, and they are not translated. These are used for people who cannot listen or are deaf. Whereas, subtitles are texts which are translated for people who don’t understand or speak the language of the video.

What languages can you create subtitles in?

At Linguidoor, we can create subtitles in more than 50 languages. For example, if your video is in English, the subtitles can be created and translated to Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Korean, Spanish, and many other major languages. We have a huge network of native experts. Therefore, whatever language subtitles you require, we can deliver with great proficiency.

What kinds of subtitling services do you offer?

At Linguidoor, we offer a wide range of subtitling services, custom-tailored as per your requirements. You can send your video or advertising material for a top-notch subtitling inclusion and making it better for customer engagement. Our vast range of services includes movie subtitling, video subtitling, web series subtitling, documentary subtitling, online training subtitling, e-learning subtitling, Facebook and YouTube videos subtitling, webinars and lectures subtitling, etc.

How can take your subtitling service? What is your process?

We have a huge team of regional and international subtitle writers who implement a comprehensive process to capture a huge audience. Once you provide the original video to us, our native speakers will start transcribing and translating. We follow a rigid process, where the subtitles sound original and native without letting the real meaning of the words getting lost. Once, the translation is complete, the task goes through a 3-tier quality control process. Once, it passes the quality control phase, the work is delivered to you.

Why Do You Need Subtitling Services?

Do you know that subtitles have a hidden power of growing a business or service to its full potential? Subtitles indeed have a lot of benefits to offer. We, at Linguidoor, break the language barrier to deliver the beautiful convention of presentations and arts in the form of entertainment in front of your prospects. With the help of subtitling, your viewers are not only provided with clarity, but it also works in improving literacy and comprehension.

Our experts proffering the subtitling services ensure that your videos get global accessibility and your target customers find the in-video message convenient to take any decision. With subtitles, you can reach a wider audience and also enhance user engagement making their experience more enjoyable. Linguidoor lets you stand ahead in the on-going globalization competition.


Accurate and Affordable Subtitling Services for Your Videos

At Linguidoor, we know the real meaning of accuracy and we implement it in all our services. All our subtitles experts are native speakers will high experience and proficiency in the field. Linguidoor completely works on delivering outstanding value translation in its subtitling services, at a price, that you can afford. This means, at Linguidoor, you are proffered high-quality, flawless, and cost-effective video subtitling services.

We are adapted to the latest technology and have merged human efforts with machine intelligence to deliver you the best results. We feel the pride to offer you a top-quality subtitling service without risking your existing budget, enabling your audience to connect with your original message. With a minimum fuss and strict deadlines policy, Linguidoor is always ready to serve you the best!


Augment Your Marketing Campaigns with Professional Subtitling Services

Want to reach the foreign markets? Want to communicate with international prospects? Do you want to simply make your video understood by other communities? Whether it is your planned B2B marketing campaign, or a product launch project, Linguidoor works efficiently to ensure that you get the best results from professional subtitling services. We implement custom-made formulas and strategies along with transcription and translation to help your video engage a wider audience, eventually augmenting your projects.

Our comprehensive packages of professional subtitling services include an extensive process of mother-tongue translation policy. Therefore, you remain stress-free in terms of accuracy and quality, once you provide your video to us. Our dedicated and tireless project managers enable us to maintain a high level of client satisfaction year after year.

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