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Linguidoor is a professional translation and localization company specializing in eLearning translation services. They offer high-quality, accurate translations for various eLearning content, including training modules, videos, e-books, etc. Linguidoor’s team of expert translators are highly experienced in eLearning Translation and can provide accurate and culturally sensitive translations for various subjects and industries. They use the latest translation tools and technologies to ensure consistency and quality across all translations and offer a range of language and eLearning localization services to suit your specific needs.

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I needed my German website translated to English. The challenge was, that I needed a translation that matched my target audience's tech lingo. Linguidoor not only offered to translate my website text for a competitive rate, but also followed through in lightening speed and with great precision.

Zackes Brustik

I really liked how they have supported and fulfilled my request. Whenever I had questions, Rishi was replying to each of my query within 2 hours. Once I verified that the documents translated are fine, they got delivered next day via post.
If I need to translate my documents again I will drop a mail to you for sure.
Thanks again.

Naresh kumar

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of eLearning content can you translate?

At Linguidoor, we have a team of expert linguists who are highly qualified and experienced in translating various types of eLearning content. We can translate training modules, e-books, videos, presentations, and other eLearning materials.

Our team has extensive experience working with various formats and platforms, including Articulate Storyline, Captivate, Lectora, and Moodle. We can also translate multimedia elements such as images, graphics, and audio to ensure that your eLearning content is fully localized and culturally appropriate for your target audience.

How many languages can you translate into?

We can translate into a wide range of languages, including all major European, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages and many African languages. Contact us to learn more about our language capabilities.

What qualifications do your translators have?

Our team of expert linguists are highly qualified and experienced in eLearning Translation. They hold relevant degrees and certifications in linguistics, Translation, and eLearning and have years of experience in their respective fields. In addition to their formal education and experience, our translators undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure their skills and expertise align with the needs of our clients.

We carefully assess their language proficiency, subject matter knowledge, and cultural sensitivity to ensure they can accurately convey the intended message while considering cultural nuances and context.

How do you ensure the quality of your translations?

We use a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that all eLearning Localization are accurate, culturally sensitive and meet our client’s needs and requirements. Our process includes multiple rounds of proofreading, editing, client review, and feedback. At Linguidoor, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality eLearning translation that meet the needs of our clients and ensure the best possible learning outcomes for their learners. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive quality assurance process beyond simply translating the words on the page.

How long does the translation process take?

The time it takes to translate eLearning content can vary depending on the content’s length, complexity, and format and the number of languages being translated. We will provide you with a detailed timeline and turnaround estimate based on your project requirements. We aim to deliver high-quality eLearning localization within a reasonable timeframe to meet our client’s needs.

What are your rates for eLearning translation services?

Our rates for eLearning translation services may vary depending on several factors, such as the language pair, the content volume, and the subject matter’s complexity. We would need more information about your specific project to provide an accurate quote.

Do you offer localization services as well?

Yes, we offer eLearning localization services to ensure that your eLearning content is translated accurately and adapted to your target audience’s cultural norms and preferences. Our eLearning localization services include cultural consulting, image and graphic localization, and voiceover and subtitling services. Contact us to learn more about our eLearning localization capabilities.

eLearning Translation

Why Do You Need eLearning Translation Services?

One of the key benefits of eLearning Translation is the ability to reach a global audience. By translating your eLearning content into multiple languages, you can ensure that learners worldwide can access and benefit from your content. This can help to improve engagement, retention, and overall learning outcomes. Moreover, eLearning translation services enable you to communicate effectively with your target audience, regardless of their location or language.

When you translate your eLearning content into different languages, you can ensure learners better understand the material and engage with it more effectively. This can result in increased productivity and better knowledge retention. Additionally, eLearning Translation can help you to expand your business into new markets. By translating your eLearning content into the language of your target market, you can increase your brand awareness and reach a larger audience.

eLearning Translation

The Power of eLearning Translation for Cross-Cultural Education

If you’re looking for high-quality, accurate eLearning translation services, Linguidoor is a great choice. With their commitment to quality, expertise in eLearning Translation, and range of language services, they can help you to reach a global audience and improve the effectiveness of your eLearning content. In addition to eLearning Translation, Linguidoor also offers various other language services, including website translation, document translation, interpretation, and more. Our team of professional linguists are highly skilled and experienced and are committed to delivering high-quality translations that meet the needs of their clients.

What really matters

Reach a Global Audience with Our eLearning Translation Services.

With the increasing globalization of businesses and the growth of eLearning, it has become more important than ever to reach a global audience with your eLearning content. However, language barriers can pose a significant challenge when it comes to communicating effectively with learners from different countries and cultures. This is where our eLearning localization services come in. Our team of expert linguists are highly experienced in eLearning Translation and can provide accurate and culturally sensitive translations.

Whether you need to translate training modules, e-books, or videos, we can help you reach learners worldwide and improve learning outcomes. Our eLearning translation services can help you to increase engagement and retention, expand your business into new markets, and ensure compliance with regulations and standards in different countries.

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