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We transmute your audio or video content into text that's not just readable but also searchable.
Our team of highly skilled transcribers is dedicated to delivering accurate and affordable transcripts at hyper speed—tailored just for you.

Multilingual Transcription

Multilingual Transcription

Our seasoned transcribers meticulously convert audio and video content into text, showcasing linguistic mastery in multiple languages for global accessibility.

Translation of Transcripts

Translation of Transcripts

Elevate your content with our expert transcripts translation services in different languages with precision and cultural finesse.

Subtitling and Captioning

Subtitling and Captioning

Add a professional touch to your videos. Our experts skillfully embed subtitles or captions in various languages, ensuring your message resonates across borders.

Voiceover Script Creation

Voiceover Script Creation

Trust our linguistic experts to create compelling scripts for voiceovers, tailoring them to perfection in diverse languages.



Our experts specialize in transcreation, seamlessly adapting transcriptions to align with cultural nuances and linguistic excellence.

Dialect and Accent Recognition

Dialect and Accent Recognition

Our experts skillfully recognize and adapt to different regional dialects and accents, delivering transcriptions that capture linguistic nuances with finesse.

Time-Stamped Transcriptions

Time-Stamped Transcriptions

Adding time stamps to transcriptions for synchronization with video or audio timelines.

Industry-Specific Transcription

Industry-Specific Transcription

Specializing in transcribing content related to specific industries, ensuring domain expertise.

Express Transcription Services

Express Transcription Services

Providing expedited transcription services for clients with tight deadlines.

Post-Editing Services

Post-Editing Services

Reviewing and refining machine-generated transcriptions to enhance accuracy.

Legal and Medical Transcription

Legal and Medical Transcription

Offering specialized transcription services for legal and medical content with precision.

Integrated Translation Services

Integrated Translation Services

Seamlessly combining transcription and translation services for a comprehensive language solution.

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File formats we support to Transcribe your Audio and Video

Driving transcription excellence

We employ various technologies and support different file formats to ensure
efficiency, accuracy, and versatility of our audio & video transcription services while handling a diverse range of content.

  • voice-recognition Automatic Speech
    Recognition (ASR)
  • natural-language-processing Natural Language
    Processing (NLP)
  • coding Machine Learning and
    AI Algorithms
  • transcript Cloud-Based
    Transcription Platforms
  • voice-biometric Voice
  • editing Collaborative
    Editing Tools
  • time-tracking Time-Stamping
Advanced Technologies and Versatile File Formats

File formats we support to Transcribe
your Audio and Video

We employ various technologies and support different file formats to ensure
efficiency, accuracy, and versatility of our audio & video transcription services while handling a diverse range of content.

  • mp3 .mp3
  • wav .wav
  • mp4 .mp4
  • flac .flac
  • ogg .ogg
  • webm .webm
  • docs .docs
  • txt .txt
  • srt .srt
  • json .json
  • xml .xml
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      Navigating transcription with expertise

      From precise transcriptions to culturally rich localizations, we sculpt your content with meticulous care and advanced technology.
      Experience the synergy of precision and expertise, where your message resonates globally.

      Precision in Every Word

      Precision in

      Precision in Transcription

      We leave no room for error. Our advanced tools and expert team work in harmony to deliver transcriptions with unparalleled accuracy. Your content deserves nothing less.

      Human Touch in Localization

      Human Touch
      in Localization

      Human Touch in Localization

      Localization is not just about language; it's about culture and context. Our seasoned professionals add a human touch to the transcriptions, ensuring that your message resonates authentically with diverse audiences around the globe.

      Tailored Solutions for Every Industry

      Tailored Solutions
      for Every Industry

      Tailored Solutions for Every Industry

      From legal intricacies to medical nuances, and entertainment scripts to corporate dialogues, we flexibly adapt to your industry's unique language and distinct needs.

Turnaround Times

      Turnaround Times

      Rapid Turnaround Times

      Time is of the essence, and we get that. Our streamlined processes and cutting-edge technologies enable us to provide swift turnaround times without compromising the quality of the transcription.

      Collaborative Workflow

      Client Involvement

      Collaborative Client Involvement

      Your input shapes our journey. We collaborate at every step, making your transcription requirements, preferences, and feedback integral to customizing our services for your vision.

      Quality Assurance Guarantee

      Quality Assurance

      Stringent Quality Assurance

      Excellence is paramount. Our rigorous quality assurance ensures your transcribed content exceeds the highest standards, not just meets them.

      How we add value

      in Every Phase

      Elevate your audio and video content with Linguidoor. Our meticulous approach guarantees authenticity, with terminology precision and timely delivery. Experience assurance in every spoken and visual detail.

      • Comprehensive
      • Transparent
      • Skilled
      • Terminology
      • Timely
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      Linguidoor's App Localization Skyrockets Koo's Downloads In 7 Countries

      App Localization

      January 16, 2024

      German, French, Italian, Arabic, Indonesian, Japanese and Spanish

      Linguidoor's Multilingual Localization Solutions For smart's Europe Expansion

      Website Localization, App Localization and Document Translation

      November 16, 2023

      Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Dutch, English, Norwegian, Swedish and Chinese

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      “We have worked with Linguidoor on several projects for translations.The most recent was a translation of our smart Media Website to Regional Media Sites, where Linguidoor supported us in translating English into 4 different European languages (Dutch, German, Swedish, and Portuguese). I really appreciate their promptness in accepting queries and timely delivery of tasks. Their quality of translations is also very accurate and proficient.”

      Gunjan Khandelwal Specialist PR and Communications,
      smart Europe GmbH, Germany

      “Linguidoor provides professional translation service. I’ve collaborated several times with them. The team reacts fast, communicatively. Recommended.”

      Qian WU, Ph.D. International Sales manager,
      Morphogo, China

      “We asked Linduidoor to translate a company contract from German to English. We did not only receive our translated document promptly, but also in a very high quality. Thank you Rishi!”

      Isabella Böck Circularity Targets and KPIs Specialist,
      eolos GmbH, Berlin Germany

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      What types of audio/video files do you accept?

      We accept a variety of audio and video file formats, including MP3, WAV, WMA, MOV, AVI, and more. At Linguidoor, we accommodate our clients’ varied needs and ensure that transcript audio to text is delivered in the format of their choice.

      It depends on the length and complexity of the recording. Generally, we can transcript audio to text within 24 hours. Our team can provide transcripts for longer recordings in 48-72 hours. We understand that time is essential, so we always strive to deliver transcript audio to text on time.

      Yes, we provide transcripts translation services in over 50 languages. Our experienced transcribers can handle recordings in any language and deliver accurate and precise video transcription services and audio transcription services. including audio transcription to text. We guarantee that all transcripts of voice recording will be delivered in the desired language with the best accuracy in the market. For transcripts translation services, you can find the complete list of languages we offer on our website.

      Audio Transcription to text pricing varies based on several factors, such as the length of the recording, the desired turnaround time, and the language of the transcription. We offer competitive rates and discounts for bulk orders. You can use our pricing calculator to estimate the cost of your transcript audio to text needs.

      Linguidoor’s audion and video transcription services, we take the confidentiality and security of our clients’ recordings seriously. We use the latest encryption technologies to keep all files safe and secure. Our team is committed to protecting our client’s data, so you can be rest assured that your recordings are in good hands. We also offer a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that our clients can sign to keep their recordings confidential. If you have any questions or concerns about security, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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