10 Steps to Identify a Good Online Translation Company? An ultimate guide

The consistent growth in the world economy has driven the rise of Online Translation Company close to USD 53.6 billion in 2019 according to Nimdzi. Seamless connectivity around the globe has paved new pathways of businesses and consumers to connect.

As per research suggested by experts, close to 73% of the Global Audience like to engage in their native language. To pitch foreign markets, it is crucial to find a professional translation company that delivers accurate work with the utmost professionalism.

Why is an Online Translation Agency important?

There are several ways of ways to translate a document. One may inhibit translation skills in himself or may hire a freelancer or choose a professional translation company. Though above mentioned all three options may offer results, but the significant difference would be “Accuracy”.

translation company would comparatively offer a higher rate of accuracy. It was also necessary to choose the best translation company since they help in delivering the message very clearly. With language and communication being critical, it is necessary to choose one with substantial skills.

What are the qualities of a professional Online Translation Company?

Language Service Providers working around the globe in more than 30,000, have various intrinsic qualities. Strengths and weaknesses of Translation companies in terms of internal capabilities, services offers and subject matter experience has a significant impact on organisation growth.


Assuring quality might be difficult to a certain extent. Luckily, one may choose a qualified company through designated certifications. It is always advisable to rely on an ISO-certified company to reap optimum results. ISO standardised operations and services ensure that the services offered are for consensus.

If you value quality and stability, it’s necessary to go with the agency that has a robust and sophisticated workflow management system. All the top Online Translation Company have acquired ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 certifications.

Language Experience

Once you have chosen your translation company, select the translator based on language experience. Ensure that the translator assigned by the company are native speakers of your target language. A chosen translator must be proficient in both the languages – The language of your document and the language you wish to translate.

Ensure the company you choose has language translators in all the prominent languages. Prominent translation companies have language experts round the clock. Have a one-to-one discussion with your translation agency regarding delivery.

Industry Expertise

Another key element in choosing a Translation Company is proficiency in your respective field. Since every industry has its unique set of jargons and glossaries. One must always choose a company with proficient subject knowledge and experience in delivering optimum results.

Ask for case studies of previous work related to your industry. Introspect about the capability of your Translation Company and level of quality you expect in your work. One must always rely upon a company that adheres to industry-specific. Likewise, Linguidoor offers services in sectors like Banking & Finance, healthcare, E-commerce, E-Learning, Automobile, Manufacturing, Gaming, Technology, and Legal.

Solid References

This is also the most sought after way to judge the potential of a translation company. Inspect the testimonials and references available on the website. Since this feedbacks and testimonials offer a perfect picture of potential and past services.

All experienced and proficient translation companies have major firms under their testimonials. Positive feedback from the agency is the reflection of the potential company bears in serving translation requirements. One must always rely upon the company that holds a significant amount of positive testimonials.

Choosing The Formatting Style

Validate all your translations needs and the time available for transcript submission. There might be situations where time is a crucial factor. One must always choose a translation company, right from first that has seamless project management linguists.

All the prominent translation company operate 24/7 and bear the potential to offer services in terms of hours and days. Since time plays a predominant factor in the business world. An optimum online translation agency must offer their services in justified and minimum time.

Global Presence

Choosing a language translation company with global presence always brings benefits of itself. Brands can seamlessly market their latest products in target markets with the help of local translation managers. Project managers assigned to your project can offer real-time assistance in local market issues.

Translation companies with a global presence can easily leverage your growth with local tactics and talent. Connect directly with your associate and plan your progress. Often most of the multinational companies have their local offices and linguists spread around the globe.

24/4 Services and Assistance

Round the clock assistance is crucial when you have high business goals. Consistent service paves a pathway of the global landscape, where varying time zones are critical. Global locations with huge time zone differences can cost your daily targets.

One must always go with a translation company that offers agile services at even odd hours of the day. A company with multiple production houses and diversified linguist can pace-up your tasks within minimum time.

Confidentiality and compliance with NDA

Having a multinational company with loads of confidential documents, it is always advisable to choose a reliable and experienced translation company. One must always ask for a signed non-disclosure agreement before sharing your confidential files.

Cutting edge competition amongst companies can leave your company’s growth vulnerable. Ensure that the company chosen complies with NDAs amongst assigned linguists and staff. Confirming with your translation agency in regards to confidentiality would keep the seamless flow of your tasks.

Quality Assurance and Incident Reporting

It is always advisable to go with the company that maintains high-quality standards of your industry. Online Translation Company with ISO 17100 & ISO 9001 certification ensures companies credibility and adherence to industry standards. A deep quality check must be made after the first draft had been delivered.

All prominent translation companies comply with segment testing of localisation of online content. One must adopt a stringent issue reporting and localisation mistakes very effectively. All companies must have feedback and Redressal of Grievances department.

Expertise in Translation Memory Tools

Translations Memory Tools are important since they help in nurturing the overall quality of the transcript. Translations of technical manuals comprising of jargons and specific glossaries can ensure consistency of your transcript.

Translation Memory tools, in general, lower your translation costs. Holistic feedback from the company’s previous clients can offer a clear idea of the company’s potential.

Final Thoughts

Comprehending these 10 factors would surely lay with a transcript that meets your business needs. Once chosen good Online Translation Company can lead your business to the next level. Highly professional Translation companies like Linguidoor can provide you with industry-specific translations. Screen the translation company through the above guidelines and you can have growth-defining translations. Contact su at services@linguidoor.com for more details or visit us at www.linguidoor.com

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