Certified Translation Services: The Need and The Solution

Certified Translation Services

The need for certified translation services can be a prerequisite for any person or business in some cases. Scenarios can be varying from person to person and place to place. For a business to expand its services in a foreign country, or a person living as an expat asked to submit a birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, driving license or college documents in the nation’s native language, official translation services are of the utmost requirements.

Anytime, if you have been asked for translated documents by a government agency or any other industry, you can’t delay. Therefore, it’s imperative to have a certified translation of your documents for your own benefit. Today, in this blog, we will know why a person or a business might need certified translation services. Simply, what’s the benefit in it? Let’s begin.

Certified Translation – Know It

Before proceeding, you must know the exact meaning of certified translation services. Certified translation is a service which is simply the translation of your documents, accompanied by a signed declaration or a certification. This declaration actually verifies the translation accuracy and ensures that each and every text has been translated from the original source.

For example, if you translated your marriage certificate, birth certificate, driving license or college documents from English to German language, it should be certified by the translation agency for its accuracy and authenticity to make it a valid certified translated document, ready to use.

Need of Certified Translation Services

There can be many reasons why a person or a business needs official translation services. Not limited to but it can be legal paperwork, buying property overseas, applying for a foreign university, marrying overseas or expanding a business in another nation. In many cases, a person may be asked to submit a certified translated document for legal processing. But do you know why are people asked to submit these documents, or what the benefits are?

  • Better Communication –

    Whether you are an individual or a business, certified translation services will help you or your brand in better communication with your prospects. Suppose, you have to show some business documents to your client but they don’t know English. In this case, a certified translated document in their native language will be perfect!

  • Precise Legal Documentation –

    Legal documentation is an uphill task, isn’t it? Being a person or a business entity, an accurate and valid certified translated document is helpful in the precise legal documentation process. For example, for any legal business purpose, legal professionals such as lawyers, attorneys, or judges may require your documents translated through official translation services.

  • Business Licensing or Certification –

    In case you are setting up a branch of your business overseas, there are various licenses or certifications, which you require. To go on with these certifications, it may be required for you to submit your past documents relevant to your business, but not in English. Suppose, you are in Spain, and you will need to submit your documents in Spanish. This is the time when you will require a certified translator for official translation services of your document.

What Now?

There are many other reasons, where you may require certified translation services to proceed with your work. A certified translator will always help you whether you need a reliable business dealing overseas, or you want to register your child’s birth overseas. At Linguidoor, we have an expert team of certified native-speaking translators who can provide you accurate and genuine official translation services. Catering to global clients, you can get a perfect solution for your certified translation needs with us.

To know more about our certified translation services, you can contact us or send us an email on services@linguidoor.com

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