How To Prepare For A Job Search Visa For Germany

Germany can be your dream country for your career and a great future. Germany always welcomes people with relevant experience and people who can play a role in the German economy. Highly skilled workers have great demands in one of the biggest powerhouse in Europe. If you fall in the list of skilled labour, the German government will grant you a Job Search Visa For Germany. This visa is valid for six months. Jobseeker visa will allow you to stay in German and find a suitable job according to your education and relevant experience. The intention of this article is not to detail out all the steps needed for applying for the visa. All the required info can be found here.

Things which you must know before applying for Job Search Visa For Germany

The first thing that comes in my mind is a dedicated and professional approach to application preparation. I would suggest writing a well-formatted and precise letter of intent (Cover letter). This article should give an idea of why you want to come to Germany and what is the purpose and motivation behind it. I would suggest making it very specific and precise as German is always straight forward.

Check if your Degree and college are valid in Germany

One of the important steps is to have your complete CV in EU format. You will also have to ensure that your University and your degree is recognised in Germany. You can easily check your college or university in anabin if they are valid in Germany or not. At last, It is important that you have a translation of all your important document like CV, Intent Letter, certificate and degree into the German language. To know more about professional, certified and budget Translation service, please follow the link.

Manage your Finances before applying

While preparing your application, it’s very important to plan your financials. You will need it at the time of application submission. Proper finance is always one of the important factors when you plan to go abroad either for studies or for job search. There are two ways to show the proof of fund at the time of visa application to cover your stay. Firstly, one would be that you show the proof that you have sufficient fund to finance your stay in Germany. Secondly, if it is possible to to get an obligation letter (Verpflichtungserklärung). The so-called “Verpflichtungserklärung” says that you have a local sponsor, who will be financially responsible for you during your stay in Germany.

Learn German Language

Now I am coming to the point which people normally doesn’t like or put their efforts on. Learn German. Once you are in Germany, language can be a hurdle on a daily basis. It’s also advisable to learn some basic German before your land. Sometimes it’s not needed in an occupation like software development. But you will need the German language just to use it on a daily basis. Germans are a bit obsessed with their language and even a small Danke schön (Thank you) or Bitte (Please) can bring some smile on their faces. For sure, you will need German skills when you will visit any of the German offices like Arbeitsamt (employment office) or even Ausländerbehörde (foreign office) for some visa purpose. Even at the time of the personal interview, if you could speak some German that will always be a plus. I hope this article will help you in your preparation and I wish you all the luck for visa and job search in Germany. For any translation and interpretation service in any Indian or German language, please write to me at or be our friend facebook or visit us at for more details.

Note: The explanation and this article is just for guidance and you should seek specific advice from the German embassy.

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