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Your literary work is the result of you artistry hard work, dedication and creativity. At Linguidoor, we know that! That’s why we proffer an efficient Literary and Publishing Translation Services, to translate all forms of your literature works with an ingenious approach in over 100+ languages. Our translators not only retain the nuances of your original work, but also make it compatible to reach global audiences.

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Arun Moirangthem

I asked to have a complex text translated on short notice for submitting as part of a German university application process. I was expecting a decline or an outrageous price, but to my surprise they agreed to help me out on my schedule. The certified translation that came back was accurate and comprehensive, the price competitive, and the service from Linguidoor was kind and helpful. I'll be using this service anytime I need a certified translation in German in the future.

Yonatan Weizman

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a literary translation service?

Literary translation service is a service proffered by Linguidoor where your literary work is being translated from your source language to the target language. Your literary work may include anything, from novels to drama or poetry, or film scripts and comics to published papers or classical literature work. Linguidoor translates these kinds of work to make it properly understandable to your target audience.

What do I need for literary translation services?

If you are an author, editor, or publisher, you will have a lot of benefits from literary translation services. You will always need quality translations to reach your target audience. Apart from this, with the help of Linguidoor’s literary translation services, you can access the global market, boost our literary sales, and also become a global hit.

What languages do you translate the literary work?

Linguidoor is home to expert native speakers from different geographical locations. Therefore, we have experts on board who can provide professional literary translation services, not only in English but also in various other language pairs. You can easily translate your literary work from and in any language such as French, German, Spanish, Italian, and much more.

What is the accuracy guarantee for literary translation services?

At Linguidoor, you get a guarantee of 100% accuracy on high-quality literary translation services. Our team follows a very streamlined process and prepares ergonomics to improve our speed and accuracy in all your tasks. We know the importance of accuracy in our work because our high accuracy will help you in conveying the true message of your literary work to your targeted audience.

If I need a translation to be done within a fixed limited time, will it be done?

Yes, we always respect the deadline given by you. We have dedicated project managers to discuss your project in detail with you. Once you let us know your final deadline along with your other requirements, our team will follow a streamlined process to not only deliver you high-quality work, but also a fast turnaround time. In case, we know that we can’t deliver a project within the specified time, we never make promises. We promise to deliver within your deadline and we keep our promises always.

Why Do You Need Literary Translation Services?

What will be the use of your literary work, if you don’t promote it to a greater reach of global audience? Expanding the audience reach of your literary work globally will not only enhance your recognition but also benefit you in a lot of ways. You can increase your sales by accessing the global market and also boost your ROI. But, to do this efficiently, you will always need professional literary translation services to kick out linguistic barriers from your marketing strategies and plans.

Linguidoor helps your literature work gain smooth access in the global market. The global market is very competitive but Linguidoor helps you establish a renowned name globally by not only letting you enter the market but let you survive at the top. With the help of Linguidoor’s language services, you can easily build a trust cross-border brand, enhancing your credibility and proffering a strong competitive edge over your competitors.

Affordable Literary Translation Services

Linguidoor helps you in boosting the sales of your literary work within your target audience with the help of its affordable literary translation services. If you don’t get your literary work translated to the target audience, how will be there any sales? Therefore, with the help of self-crafted solutions, Linguidoor lets you become a global hit in the market, not only enhancing sales but letting you receive higher returns on investment.

The good news is that all of these benefits will be availed to you within your pocket size. We respect your budget, and therefore, we offer economic and cost-effective packages to you for your literary work translation task. Within a comfortable budget, you can reach a large number of prospective customers and engage with an international audience to build a sound relationship with them. Linguidoor helps you in not only attracting new audiences but also retaining them by letting you communicate in their local language.

Professional Literary Translation Services

Translation of literary texts requires a closer look at the literature and ideas from various cultures. This type of translation results in the promotion of shared values among the people of different communities. Linguidoor’s professional literary translation services can let your international readers and audience immediately access your literary works to make you more trustworthy and relevant for them.

At Linguidoor, you decide your target audience, and the rest work is done by us. Our expert team will always ensure that you get an accurate translation of each literature text combined with a high-quality translation. Our translation task of your literary works not only includes the translation of texts but also a translation of ideas and culture, which are associated with it. Within your target audience, our translations act as the renewing of your language as well as literature.

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