How to Choose the Right Localization Services for Your Business?

Localization Services

Taking business globally is the ultimate aim of every business, big or small. It is a smart move that not only helps you expand your customer base but also amplifies your returns on investment. But businesses face many challenges while making a big leap and ‘language’ is certainly one of the biggest barriers that companies face when entering global markets.

That’s because out of the 8 billion people in the world, only 1.5 billion people speak English, which accounts for less than 20% population of the world. So, if you want to expand your business horizons and reach out to more and more customers around the world, you need to communicate with them in the language they understand. And Localization Services help you do just that!

What are Localization Services?

Localization is the process of tailoring a product (website, software, app, or service) according to the language and cultural nuances of a target market. It goes beyond mere translation and involves designing a localized website/ software/ product experience for your users – one that resonates with the needs and demands of the customers and feels native to them. Other than ensuring accurate content translation, localization involves:

  • Adapting the content to suit the local preferences and tastes of the target audience
  • Optimizing the UI and UX of the website or app to accommodate the translated text
  • Selecting the appropriate colors, codes, and images for the target market
  • Presenting currency and units of measure in the local format
  • Incorporating local conventions for addresses, phone numbers, and dates
  • Ensuring compliance with legal standards and local regulations

When executed efficiently, professional localization services can help you:

  • Increase your market reach and presence by delivering personalized and relevant content to each target audience.
  • Enhance customer experience and satisfaction as localized content increases the chances of customers understanding and connecting with your offerings.
  • Improve brand perception and trust among customers by minimizing language-related misunderstandings and communication barriers.
  • Gain a competitive edge in global markets by standing out from competitors who may not have invested in localization efforts.
  • Meet regulatory compliance by ensuring that your content and products adhere to local laws, regulations, and industry standards in each target market.
  • Build strong relationships with local communities and stakeholders and can help you earn goodwill and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

When Do You Need Localization Services?

Whether you are starting up a new business or are an already established business entity, translation and localization services can help you take your business around the globe while increasing its popularity and reputation. More specifically, professional localization services can be used when you want to –

  • Enter new markets or expand your reach and presence
  • Enhance brand image
  • Engage with non-native customers
  • Boost engagement and loyalty
  • Release a localized version of your software
  • Publish a multilingual website
  • Improve customer experience
  • Stay ahead of competition
  • Maximize your sales and revenue

How to Choose the Right Localization Service for Your Business?

Well now that you have read (and appreciated!) the benefits of localizing your products and services, let’s come to the hardest part of the story – choosing the best localization services for your business. With hundreds of localization companies out there and countless big and small translation service providers, the choice is not easy. So, how should you go about ordering a translation and localization service? Finding answers to the following questions can certainly help you make a wise choice:

Is your product localization a one-time affair or an ongoing task?

Carefully assess your needs and look for a provider that offers flexible solutions to accommodate your evolving localization demands, whether it’s for continuous updates or periodic adaptations. Consider their track record in handling long-term localization projects and their ability to scale their services according to your business growth.

A provider with a proactive approach to ongoing localization support and a strong commitment to quality and accuracy is ideal for ensuring a seamless and successful localization process.

Does your content require technical knowledge or subject matter expertise?

Does your content involve technical terminology, industry-specific jargon, or specialized knowledge? If yes, then prioritize a localization service provider that has relevant expertise and experience in your industry. Look for providers who have linguists and translators with subject matter knowledge to ensure accurate and contextually appropriate translations.

What are your project timelines?

Clearly define your project timelines, including deadlines for translation, localization, quality assurance, and testing phases. Consider factors such as product launch schedules, marketing campaigns, and seasonal trends that may impact your project timelines. Communicate these timelines effectively to potential localization service providers and make sure they can meet your project’s schedule without compromising quality.

Can the localization service provider handle the volume of work you’re offering?

Language translation and localization companies come in all sizes. While some have tens of thousands of translators onboard, others work only with a handful of translators in limited capacity. So, carefully evaluate your current and upcoming project requirements as well as the capacity and scalability of localization service providers. It will help you avoid bottlenecks during the project.

Consider factors such as team size, infrastructure, project management capabilities, and past performance on similar projects. Engage in discussions with providers to understand all about their company – their workflow processes, resource allocation, and ability to scale up or down based on project requirements.

Does the translation and localization agency have experience of working on language you require?

Verify the experience and track record of the shortlisted localization service providers. Check if they have proven experience of translating and localizing languages you need for your project. You would not want to go to different service providers for different language translation tasks, isn’t it? So, do a thorough research. Request references, case studies, or portfolio samples that demonstrate their expertise and proficiency in handling similar language and their combinations. Zero in on providers who have successfully completed projects in your target languages and industries to ensure quality and accuracy in translations.

Are the services fitting in your budget?

Conduct a thorough cost analysis and compare pricing models offered by different localization service providers. Request detailed quotes and proposals that outline pricing structures, payment terms, and any additional fees or charges. Consider factors such as quality assurance processes, revision cycles, project management fees, and localization technology costs when evaluating service costs. Finally, choose a provider that offers competitive pricing while maintaining high-quality standards and meeting your budgetary constraints.

To get the most bang for your buck, choose a localization service that works best for your content, uses technology that saves you time and money, and offers the right mix of speed, quality, and service – all within your budget.

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