7 Tips for Procurement Managers For Choosing The best Localization Service Provider


In the era of Google, Microsoft, etc., where business means nothing but inclusion, the need for localizing a Website, Mobile App, or Product is not an option but a primary necessity. So finding the best Localization Service provider is important for Procurement Managers.

Language is a major obstacle for every business trying to expand their business and connecting with diverse minds.

Studies have shown that more than 76% of customers buy a product from a site in their native language. This shows how much you’re missing out by not localizing your product/service.

Language Localization is the process of adapting your products or services to meet the linguistic, cultural and regulatory requirements of your target market.

The responsibility of adapting an effective localization strategy lies in the hands of best localization Service provider. That’s when procurement managers must be extra crucial while selecting these partners for the success of a localization plan.

How to choose best localization service provider –

  1. Set Clear Goals – It is crucial to establish a set of goals for localization before jumping on the selection process. Determining your target market, their language preferences and cultural norms etc. are crucial before finding these experts. The clearer your goals are the more easy it will be to find best Language Service provider.
  2. Evaluate Expertise and Experience – Always look for localization Company who are certified experts with a proven track record of providing successful localization services in the industry. Assess their linguistic abilities, market research knowledge, cultural adaptability, and compliance with local regulations etc. Oftentimes this information can be found through their past clients. Always check with your Localization Company which Localization Technology and Localization process they use be it Agile or Waterfall or continous Localization.
  3. Cost Effectiveness and ROI – Although Cost is a crucial factor, I suggest you prioritize quality over price when it comes to finding localization partners. But you should be getting a good return on the price you pay. A good ROI is when your Language localization partner is offering efficiency, quality and scalability and a long term localization plan for your business.
  4. Reference and Testimonials – Do a proper background check on your localization partner. Check out for their-
    • Number of clients
    • No of Employees
    • Number of years in business
    • Services provided
    Always talk with previous clients in this matter because those will be the ones who will give you an unfiltered review on how your localization agency is like.
  5. Flexibility – Always look for a localization agency that is flexible enough to withstand the ever changing business environment. It must be capable of adapting with the changing needs and improving their services as your business evolves. Flexibility is essential especially for handling large number of clients, capability to handle large volumes of content and ability to adapt to the changing business environment.
  6. Quality Assurance – Quality assurance is the kind of factor which you can’t miss out on localization. It is a very crucial task and at every step of localization accuracy and consistency should be maintained. Linguists Quality Assurance, Visual Quality Assurance, and Functionality Quality Assurance are some of the types of checks mandatory to be made to ensure effective and error free Content localization.
  7. Technological Capability – We all know how important it is for a business to be technologically advanced in today’s world. Therefore ensure that your prospective Localization Agency utilize cutting edge Localization technology, content management tools, premium SEO tools etc. to streamline the entire process of localization and maintain consistency across multiple markets. These tools will also help you with continuous Localization and also to optimize the Localized Content for SEO and other search engine Parameter for better google ranking.


The above listed qualities are a must if you’re searching for a LSP for your business for a long term as a procurement Manager. Effective communication is also an important quality that you shouldn’t be missing out while finding the best localization service provider.

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